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Being able to meet employee needs requires organizations to take a step back and see things from their point of view, and doing this effectively takes a solution that is accessible and intuitive. Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) unifies all your business and HR processes, from talent management to payroll, while integrating your employee's goals and company strategy to drive employee, customer and business success. This comprehensive application enhances workforce agility and empowers management with the flexibility to develop and retain top talent.

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Smact Expertise

Having a trusted partner walk you through the process of Oracle HCM Cloud implementation will ensure your organization benefits from all the available features so you can focus more on your business. Here at SMACT, we help you streamline timely processes, from hire to retire, in order to enable a fast and seamless experience for both employee and employer.


Talent Management

Upon recruitment and onboarding, create succession plans and access the Opportunity Marketplace to offer learning paths for employee development and performance management.


HCM Analytics

Manage KPIs and discover data with pre-built analytic dashboards and inproduct collaboration tools to enhance your HR processes while ensuring a secure architecture for your enterprise.



Simplify payroll, meet global requirements, stay compliant and track activity using automated flows and formulas while connecting with external payroll systems.


Workforce Management

Utilize a unified solution to access a complete overview of time, labor and absence management while taking command of your workforce health and safety.


Human Resources

Plan, model and make predictions to unify employees and workforce management with payroll integration & advanced controls like including Digital Assistant and HR Help Desk.



Configure & maintain flexible benefit plans to meet organization needs, calculate rates & coverage for each employee group and many self - service enrollment features.

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