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Oracle PeopleSoft guides businesses through transformative initiatives while increasing productivity, performance, and agility. Oracle's extended support for PeopleSoft to 2032 is game-changing - customers can now utilize all the new features and functionalities available through constant PUM updates without moving to a SAAS application.

While using the new features and functionalities, business leaders can take a methodical approach to business transformation and align those strategies with long-term objectives.

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Smact Expertise

At SMACT Works we are committed to providing you with our expertise and solutions in implementing and supporting your Oracle PeopleSoft applications. Our team of industry experts, both functional and technical, will bring the best use of your Oracle PeopleSoft functionalities and streamline your business processes. Our Oracle PeopleSoft service offerings will deliver more value, reduce cost and deliver enterprise-wide business results.

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Assessments & Roadmap

ERP Strategic Road Maps | Business Process Reengineering, Architect, Designs & Planning | Assessments | Estimations



Project & Change Management | Functional & Technical Expertise | Additional Modules & Functionalities Deployments



Application Upgrades | Tools & Database Upgrades | PUM Strategy | Security Patches | Bundles | Images | Data Archiving


Migrate To Cloud

PeopleSoft on OCI | PeopleSoft Cloud Manager | Lift & Shift | Scale on Demand | Fast-track Development | Optimize Cloud Resources


Fluid Ui Implementations

Analytical Dashboards | Navigation Collections | Work Centers | Pivot Grids | Performance Tiles | Form Builder | Fluid Forms & UI Experiences


Advanced Features

Activity Guides | Drop Zones & Page Field Configurators | Data Migration Workbench | Related Content & Event Mappings

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