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Passionate & Expert Talent

It is vital to leverage technology to identify opportunities and drive more business as organizations grow. However, organizations need to adopt new changes and technologies to take advantage of these opportunities. Digitization and cloud adaption is changing the industry forever. Businesses with the agility and embrace change through breakthrough technologies can accelerate their business innovation and retain top talent and customers. Organizations to capitalize on these opportunities, it's essential to have an experienced advisory team by your side - that's where we come in.

  • Staff Augmentation

    Staff Augmentation

    Identify project objectives
    & provide expert talent

  • Contract to Hire

    Contract to Hire

    Ensure the candidate is a good fit
    prior to offering the position

  • Permanent Placement

    Permanent Placement

    Equipped & qualified candidates
    ready at your disgresion

Strategy Staffing Services

Smact Value

Unlike other staffing vendors, SMACT has the right technical knowledge behind these projects and work closely with our clients to fully understand their company's objectives in order to supply top-notch prospects who are eager to get started, regardless of experience level or location; our intricate screening process will give you the confidence that the list of prospects you receive are qualified experts in their field. Our goal here at SMACT is to create lasting partnerships and alleviate stress for your management team by providing you the right candidate that meets your growing business demands.

Our Process Right Team | Right Experience | Right Approach

  • Hiring Process

    Step 1

    Identify your Hiring Needs &

  • Recruitment Stragety Process

    Step 2

    Devise a Comprehensive
    Recruitment Strategy

  • Job Description & Responsibiliies

    Step 3

    Define Job Descriptions &

  • Screening & Shorlisting Process

    Step 4

    Complete Technical Screen &
    Shortlist Candidates

  • Scheduled Interview with Potential Candidates Process

    Step 5

    Submit Qualified Candidates &
    Schedule Interviews

  • Employment Verification Process

    Step 6

    Conduct Reference Checks &
    Employment Verifications

  • Release Offer & Onboarding Process

    Step 7

    Assist Client with Offer &
    Onboarding Process

  • Feedback & Followup Process

    Step 8

    Feedback &
    Follow Up

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