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The quantity of data is growing exponentially for many reasons, and data that goes unanalyzed becomes a waste of valuable information. With businesses constantly gathering vast amounts of data and having a digital trace, it has become essential to transform and analyze this data to gain actionable insights.

The data collected by businesses comes from various sources in the form of Structured, Semi-Structured, and Unstructured with characteristics such as Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity, and Value; this data requires management of its critical elements: quality, value, security, and compliance. Therefore, reliable data management services can help organizations efficiently process and validate data to make intelligent, data-driven decisions.

Oracle Analytics & BI Solutions

Smact Expertise

SMACT's Oracle Analytics & BI practice implement and support a wide range of solutions. Our advanced team is diverse and growing, designing big data solutions for our customers using cutting-edge techniques, prebuilt tools and accelerators to bring their data to life. SMACT is proud to be leading the way in this complex, diverse and always evolving field of Oracle Analytics & BI.

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Data Strategy

Enterprise Data Management Solutions | Data Evaluations | Strategic Roadmaps | Platform Consulting | Technology Recommendations



Data Warehousing & Applications | End-to-End Enterprise Data Integration | Migrations & Optimizations


Pilot to Production

Architect Complete Solutions | Fast Track Development | Rapid Deployments | Test Data Management


Master Data Management

Structured & Unstructured Data Management | Data Monetization | Data Governance | Data Quality & Cleansing


Analytics & Visualization

Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics | Advanced Data Analytics | Competitive Intelligence | Reports & Dashboards


Database Distribution

Oracle | SQL Server & My SQL | DB2 & Sybase | Unstructured Data Sources | Dataflows | Relational & Non-Relational Databases

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