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3 Main Reasons Why Companies are using Cloud Computing

JANUARY 01, 2019 06:46 AM

Until few years back , computer users all over the world would run software programs that were downloaded and installed on the local computer but with the improvements in the virtualization technology and widespread availability of cloud services, all of those same applications can be easily accessed via internet without need to install it on the local computer. Cloud computing is a heterogeneous architecture, benefiting from a range of technologies to provide several remote services. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has identified five widely accepted characteristics, common to all cloud systems. These are on-demand self-service, broad network access and diversity of client devices, resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measured service with the pay-peruse business model. Resource pooling allows the cloud providers to serve multitenant clients by managing resource use efficiently using virtualization, resource partitioning, and workload balancing. Rapid elasticity scales the needed resources in a dynamic manner. Other important features include the heterogeneity on both the provider and the client sides, and multi-provider services.

Reasons why companies are using Cloud Computing

Cloud technology has become the new normal in our day to day life now whether saving images from your phone into cloud drive or managing your companies financial accounting in a SaaS cloud application. Cloud computing has touched upon every aspect of our life. Businesses can solve business problems more efficiently, quickly, with less resources, without spending a lot of money as compared to few years back. One of the most attractive benefit of cloud computing is the significantly reduced cost of failure. Organizations can quickly spin up servers or other resources for prototype testing and terminate it when not required. Organizations need to pay only for the use. Oracle Cloud Services has taken a significant lead over its competitors in providing innovative cloud services solutions. These Oracle cloud services not only increase the efficiency of the business operations, but also improves the cash flow by enabling CFOs manage their IT expenditure as OPEX instead of CAPEX.

The following are the 3 main reasons as to why organizations are using Cloud as their first preference for streamlining their business process:

1. The freedom to work remotely

Cloud computing enable users to access applications from anywhere if they are connected to the internet. Cloud offers several services that can be accessed via mobile phone or a tablet. This enables users manage their applications remotely or even during travel. Cloud computing offers a lot of flexibility to the businesses where they can give their employees the freedom to work from anywhere and enjoy work-life balance.

2. Protection of Data

The most essential asset in any organization is data. It is the key which holds a company's growth and its success. A leak or a breach of any essential data can cause a major mishap to the entire business. It is for this reason that a data protection plan is essential to protect important data. With the help of Cloud Services, organizations can seamlessly interface any sensitive information to and from any third-party applications. Cloud services uses best in the industry parameters for securing data at rest and data in transit. Cloud services enables businesses function efficiently and swiftly. Since the cloud offers single data protection, there will be no risk of data theft. The data protection measures are embedded into the cloud applications, so businesses do not need to provision for any separate, third party data protection measures. It is essential that the data protection should be implemented while it is being created where it is only through this method that the data source is completely protected.

3. Cost effective

One of the main reasons for adopting to the cloud service offerings is significant reduction in the cost of operations. Organizations need to pay only for what they are using. Since cloud cervices offer best in the class data security and data protection measures that come along with the subscription, there is no need to invest in other security tools. Cloud Infrastructure keeps active track of the usage and bills according to the actual usage.

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