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Why should your company opt for Oracle Cloud HCM?

JANUARY 01, 2020 08:10 AM

Human resource is a very important function of any business. It deals with the most important asset of any business, it's employees. Efficient, well trained, and well managed employees can make businesses successful. Businesses face several challenges in the day to day functioning of the HR business processes. The Oracle Cloud HCM application equips business with advance tools, accelerators, workflows, automations, well integrated business processes. Oracle Cloud HCM application enables businesses to function more efficiently and manage their human resources better. Innovations in the digital field are changing the market rapidly, it is essential to keep up with the changes in the market. As per few research reports, the digital divide between personal life and work tend to make employees more unproductive, disillusioned, and disengaged. Oracle Cloud HCM can help business overcoming this problem and manage their employees better.

Oracle Cloud HCM

Major benefits of Oracle Cloud HCM include:
  • Oracle Cloud HCM is AI efficient where it can identify the potential talent through chatbots, the hiring process is personalized. It has been ascertained that the future of customer service is all about chatbots
  • Oracle Cloud HCM enables employees to take charge of their careers where they will be able to make the best use of not only talent mobility but also smart learning
  • Since the cloud is connected, it results in the amalgamation of business strategies and people so that productivity increases at a rapid rate
  • With the help of Cloud, all the information is available at a click of button where this results in the automation of time-consuming tasks and greater productivity.
  • Oracle Cloud HCM has better monitoring capabilities where businesses can keep track of day to day activities in a better manner. HR and employees can together design growth plans for employees that are in line with organizational objectives
  • Oracle Cloud HCM application can be integrated with CSS so that businesses can be in tune with the hour rules, wage, payroll tax requirements and much more. The employee will also have access to the payroll information so that there is major transparency between the employers and employees.
  • The Global HR module benefits large companies that have many locations, it results in a streamlined HR process. Some of its beneficial features include better workforce directory, self-service functionality, and workforce modelling so that costs are minimized
  • The strategic workforce planning module avails the employers to line up the employees and the business strategies for workforce requirements in the future. The module can also evaluate the present skills of the workforce so that better predictions can be made into the future as to what skill sets are needed for the company.
  • The oracle performance management module helps in the automation of the performance process where all the managers, executives, and employees will get insight into the workforce performance progression. With the help of performance management, many performance conversations are supported which includes day-to-day informal and the immediate ongoing feedback for annual reviews.

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