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How to Evaluate an Oracle Cloud Applications Implementation Partner

APRIL 01, 2020 06:15 AM

As time and market demands are changing at a rapid rate, the approach towards SaaS Implementations is also changing rapidly. Earlier the businesses saw SaaS as something which can be an option, or it can be a smart move for businesses but now organizations are getting to know the advantages of moving to a SaaS platform. The role of SaaS applications has transformed from an option to a necessity since it increases the competitive edge.

If you have chosen Oracle Cloud Applications as your SaaS ERP application, then the role of your implementation partner plays a very important role in your seamless journey to Oracle Cloud. It is very important to select the right implementation partner who can navigate you though all complexities involved in an implementation. Before you finalize your Oracle Cloud implementation partner, you should know the below facets:

How to Evaluate Oracle Cloud Applications Implementation Partner

1. Certifications

The Cloud Expertise certifications can help you recognize those implementation partners who are highly qualified. With the help of Oracle Cloud Expertise certifications, you can select that Oracle Cloud implementation partner who has high level of expertise in selling / implementing the Oracle Cloud applications. This should be the first qualification that you should be looking for.

2. End to End Implementation & Support Expertise

Your cloud implementation partner should be able to provide an end-to-end support with respect to the cloud implementation. When we say end-to-end support, we imply that the implementation partner should be able to support not only during the implementation process but also during pre-implementation assessment and post-implementation support. They should be able to partner with you during your entire journey to the cloud.

3. Strategy Capabilities

When it comes to choosing an Oracle Cloud implementation partner, it is important that they have expertise in the field and have proven experience in consulting and strategic partnership. If you think that your Oracle Cloud implementation requires advanced capabilities, then you must make sure to assess the capabilities of the implementation partner with regards to the design solutions.

4. Change & Project Management

Oracle Cloud has various unique configuration options so that organizations can adapt to the Oracle Cloud in their own unique way. It is for this reason that the implementation partners must be well versed with every minute detail and be able to assist the organization while they are configuring the cloud application as per the business requirements. The implementation partner must be adept in the change management and training. The successful implementation completely depends on how well the new product is communicated to end users and how well they all are trained in using the system.

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