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Pandemic Likely to Accelerate Cloud Adoption

JULY 01, 2020 06:12 AM

The events that happened in 2020 have created new opportunities, while reshaping our lives for years to come. Throughout 2021, new trends are coming in and change is inevitable; many organizations are expected to adopt cloud models and the data delivered through the cloud becomes an integral part of the daily process.

Over the last few years, the rate of this change has increased as more businesses, from small and medium to large enterprises, are moving towards Digital Transformation and adopting online productivity and collaboration services.

Going Through This Pandemic

The lockdown imposed in many countries, due to Covid-19, has opened the doors for the world to see the necessity of cloud computing; the enforced restrictions turned everything upside down for many industries (travel, hospitality etc..), and many of these businesses are facing a challenging time trying to survive, which is an unexpected reality check for small size organizations.

The current top trends, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), will restructure many lives in the upcoming years and help organizations adapt and survive in the changing times.

What are the Challenges of Accelerated Cloud Adoption?

  1. Migrating from existing infrastructure to cloud requires a talented team to be more agile, plan and operate proactive models; a mindset shift is required to achieve the desired value from the cloud investment.
  2. There is a fear for all organizations in moving towards cloud computing, such as challenges in migration, compliance and security concerns.
  3. With the right cloud partner, you do not need to worry about the challenges and risks involved as the partner will take care of rapid implementation of cloud-based services and develop solutions faster.

Considerations for Moving to the Cloud: Scalability, Cost Efficiencies, Faster Disaster Recovery, Adoption Speed, Agility,
Key Considerations for Moving to the Cloud

  • Why are custom applications a good fit for cloud?
    • Adds business value, it is cost effective and provides compliant procurements
  • What cloud infrastructure capabilities matter most?
    • Networking and connectivity, high availability, disaster recovery, security, identity and access management
  • How can I ensure financial and performance benefits?
    • Cost management, governance and monitoring
  • What blueprints can I follow to ensure success?
    • Migration process
Many organizations are conforming to new courses of action - they have implemented two years of digital transformation, in just two months, and have improved in cloud computing due to the uncertainty of times.


The journey to the cloud is important for many businesses today as we face the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic. If your organization is looking to modernize your critical applications and are planning for a cloud migration, choose the right cloud partner who is good at rapid implementation of cloud-based services, effectively manages the change impacts of SaaS projects and can save you money down the road to ensure readiness for future digital transformation initiatives.

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