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Deploying Policy Models Using Oracle Policy Automation

DECEMBER 01, 2020 06:54 AM

Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) Cloud Service is preferred by many financial service organizations and government companies, as they have their own set rules which is difficult to manage and apply universally. OPA Cloud Service captures those rules defined by organizations, either in Microsoft Word and/or an Excel document, and delivers consistent and auditable advice.

OPA is designed for high performance and secure public cloud deployments; it uses customer data from the database, provides advice and makes decisions to deliver a better customer service experience defined by the rules of the organization.

Oracle Policy Automation Capabilities: Language Rules, Consistent Decisions, API Connector, Instant Audit & Policy Changes

Self-Governing Usage

Organization database is not dumped with customer data when it is used as a standalone service; customer data is not stored permanently by OPA Cloud Service, and the data is removed from memory once the interactive session is over. The data is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) via HTTPS. OPA Determinations API processes the customer data, which in turn makes the decisions and provides explanation to the data which is inputted.

Integration with Other Applications

Organizations must define the data retention in the application that is going to be integrated with Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service. OPA can be configured to pull and store the data from Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Sales Cloud, or any other cloud or on-premises application.

OPA has the option to highlight the errors that occur while retrieving the data from the other application and create an information log - as per the data retention policy described.

Key Features:

  • Automated approach to transform complex policies and manuals into user friendly forms
  • Supports all types of Omni-channels
  • Intuitive, auto generated and personalized interviews
  • Multi-lingual support and self-service guidance
  • Detailed explanations provided for all decisions made
  • Pre-populated forms to record advice and decisions provided
  • User friendly Rule Assistant
  • Reusable sample projects

A good consulting service is the one who knows how to easily explain the process of managing the policies and rules in the Cloud; you should seek an Oracle partner service that provides you with a clear plan to manage the policy lifecycle with streamlined cloud-based administration and deployment. SMACT Works has helped many organizations integrate policies, via standard web services, with personalized cross-channel guidance.

SMACT Works is a technology-focused systems integrator and IT/ERP consulting firm. We deliver end-to-end consulting, managed, and implementation services for Oracle Cloud Applications, IaaS & PaaS, On-Premise PeopleSoft & EBS Applications. Headquartered in Dublin, OH, we have a global presence with North America and Asia offices. We are an Oracle Gold Partner Cloud Standard, ISO 9001, and 27001 certified delivery organization serving customers with Excellence and Integrity.