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Why & How you Should Transition to Oracle HCM Cloud

JULY 01, 2021 05:30 AM

Success for any organization today is dependent on their ability to adapt to the ever-changing markets focused on cloud and edge technologies. Cloud migration is not a one-size-fits-all project. It is important for businesses to be able to identify key objectives and adapt quickly to get the benefits of the digital transformation initiative. Digitization is becoming increasingly important for any organization that hopes to survive and even make an impact in this highly competitive landscape.

If you're planning to migrate to the HCM (Human Capital Management) Cloud solution, first look for platforms that help HR departments streamline their routine HR tasks with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) functionality and employees to make faster and smarter decisions. Moving to Oracle HCM Cloud provides HR departments with a complete solution connecting every human resource process, from hire to retire.

Business leaders have learned that data is key to their success, and they will ask the HR leaders to constantly look for:

  1. What skills do we need now and in the future?
  2. Which employee has the critical skills we need? Where do we have skills gaps?
  3. Data-driven recommendations for business needs?

Every organization has all the employee data they need, but it's possible they don't know how to use it effectively. This is where Oracle HCM Cloud makes the difference, it helps leaders and the HR team visualize the data and put it into action in a way that makes it clear and understandable.

Oracle HCM Cloud delivers HR leaders a one-size-fits-all project by delivering an end-to-end solution to manage every stage of the employee lifecycle, like attracting talent, screening, hiring, onboarding etc. However, cloud migration can be challenging, time-consuming and expensive - especially when you attempt to integrate financials, supply chain, customer experience and other modules to align your HR department alone.

Oracle HCM Cloud has several modules that are grouped into three categories:

  1. Human Resources - Streamline HR processes, especially companies with multiple locations.
  2. Talent Management - Leverage a data-driven approach to identify both internal and external candidates.
  3. Workforce Management - Optimize time with Time and Labour and Absence Management.

AI and ML Adoption in HCM Products: Predictive Analytics, Chatbots/Virtual Assistant, Recruiting, Talent Management

Read Oracle customer HCM success stories and learn how Oracle HCM Cloud drives top results and the key factors for choosing Oracle HCM Cloud:

  • The need for a platform that globally supports one source of truth for HR data.
  • Provides consistent experience across devices in mobile, social and analytics.
  • Empowers market-leading innovation and HR process alignment at all group levels
  • Enhance user experience with a hire-to-retire suite.
  • Benefit of continuous improvement to address your needs today and in the future.

We know that every organization has its unique needs; we offer solutions that can be tailored to meet your organization's specific needs and requirements which allows VPs of HR or CHROs to understand diversity, headcounts, turnover, performance, etc. to reap the benefits of Oracle HCM Cloud to face their challenges.

We at SMACT Works provide advisory cloud services aimed at helping organizations identify opportunities and the right technology to drive more business. We have worked with many large multinational Fortune 500 companies as well as medium-sized enterprises to successfully implement cloud-based solutions.

You can rely on the expertise of our team to help you meet your organization's goals. Get in touch with our experts to make your cloud journey seamless!

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