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Choosing the Right Cloud Migration Services Team

SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 11:39 PM

A lot of organizations are putting their best foot forward in converting their On-premises applications to Cloud. Taking your company to the next level in growth requires the incorporation of commendable technologies and collaborating with expert partners in implementing those technologies. Choosing the right partner and the right Cloud solution that aligns with your vision and business objectives is quite essential.

Choosing a right cloud service provider: Can your organization scale up when new locations, complex analytical projects, or developer needs arise?

If your answer is no, then Oracle Cloud is a clever choice for you. With its advanced products, smart applications and integrated security, Oracle helps you perform a wide range of functions easily. In a nutshell, Oracle Cloud provides full-stack options like IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), SaaS (Software-as-a-service), and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service).

Choosing a right cloud partner: There are tons of Oracle Cloud Partners, but choosing a reliable advisor is very essential. It is important to partner with an Oracle Cloud Consultant company that is well invested in the vision of their clients. The right Oracle Cloud partner will serve as the right accelerator that puts your business on track to business excellence.

Curious about choosing right Oracle cloud partner? Here is a guide which helps you to choose a right Oracle cloud partner.

Choosing the Right Cloud Migration Services Team

Choosing the Right Cloud Migration Services Team:

1. Finalize Business Requirements:

Gather information from the key stakeholders to understand the cloud vision planned for the company and finalize your business requirements before looking for an Oracle Cloud Partner.

2. Few questions that you need to ask yourselves on finalizing the engagement:

From the touchpoint to the final stages of offering a contract to the consultant, assess how the cloud consultant is engaging with you.

  • Has the company appointed a dedicated Account Manager to your Cloud Assessment queries?
  • How have they transported Cloud Rapid migrations for their previous clients?
  • Is the company transparent about the Implementation process throughout the engagement?
  • How swiftly have they done Upgrades, Maintenance and other solutions in the past?
3. Breadth and depth of offerings:

Assess the service landscape of the company to see if they offer end-to-end Oracle cloud solutions. As your organization is moving towards the cloud infrastructure, it's important to acquire a trusted and reliable partner to guide you through the digital transformation process from end to end.

4. Checklist for a reliable Oracle Cloud Consultant:

Workload migration to IaaS may look challenging, but Oracle Cloud makes it a lot easier with its autonomous services; that being said, without proper guidance, it is just another complex technology to migrate.

Here is a checklist to refer to before choosing a consultant:

  • Should be experts with practical knowledge and strategies
  • Certified Oracle Cloud Partner
  • Notable work experience as an Oracle service provider
  • Well-versed with Oracle technologies and updates
  • Significant client portfolio with reviews
  • Bespoke Oracle technology suggestion and implementation support capabilities
  • Reduces cost and time
  • Grows your top line
  • Reduces risks
  • Supports you at every step
5. Cloud Security:

Partners who comply with recognized standards and quality frameworks, such as standards accredited with certifications like ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015, is detrimental to your organization to ensure that data is secure during and after migration.

End note:

Many organizations will try their own hands during cloud migration in a bid to cut costs; however, they will end up spending a lot more than they ought to on the process. The costs these organizations will accumulate are a result of additional staff hours required for adaptation, as well as making and correcting costly mistakes due to lack of knowledge or experience.

Professional cloud migration services will provide you with cost-effective solutions for migrating to the cloud. They will help you determine what applications you require and provide a solution that fits within your budget while meeting your present needs. Your staff will be able to focus on their primary tasks which will result in less downtime. Your company will also be able to adapt the new technology much faster with the guidance of experts.

If you're considering migrating to cloud, consider seeking a qualified and experienced partner to guide you through the process so that you can reap the benefits outlined above.

SMACT Works is a technology-focused systems integrator and IT/ERP consulting firm. We deliver end-to-end consulting, managed, and implementation services for Oracle Cloud Applications, IaaS & PaaS, On-Premise PeopleSoft & EBS Applications. Headquartered in Dublin, OH, we have a global presence with North America and Asia offices. We are an Oracle Gold Partner Cloud Standard, ISO 9001, and 27001 certified delivery organization serving customers with Excellence and Integrity.