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Cloud Migration Challenges You May Run Into

OCTOBER 29, 2021 12:24 AM

Moving towards cloud is a well-established option for businesses and is perceived as the thing of the future. Apart from transporting businesses to the future, there are a whole lot of benefits that come along with migrating to the cloud.

Companies today have understood the emergence of cloud systems and their benefits that entails them, but they are not aware that these transitions don't come without their issues. In this blog we will go over a few common challenges faced by business while performing a cloud migration.

Cloud Migration Challenges You May Run Into

  • No Proper Strategy Plans:

  • Besides the all-encompassing benefits in cloud, it is important that the business seeking to migrate to the cloud should have a strong reason for cloud migration. Failing to plan your migration goals properly may run business into serious issues.

  • Cloud Strategy Costs:

  • Most organizations are attracted to cloud computing for the low expenses. Cloud has numerous benefits if it's done with the right preparation and consideration; however, companies with cost-saving intentions may derail their business if they neglect the areas of migration costs, monetary risks, and user training for the new service.

  • Security and Compliance Issues

  • Naturally, many companies are not aware of the security issues that come with handing their data over to an external provider. While cloud platforms are generally trustworthy, their security groups do not alert businesses when sensitive data is being moved to the cloud - ensure security arrangements are provided by the cloud service provider.

  • Disaster Recovery Plan:

  • Failing to develop a plan for unexpected risks may end up putting the business in a critical stage; businesses should discuss this possibility with their service provider to ensure they have a system put in place for disaster recovery.

  • Human Error

  • Training employees on new and improved cloud technology solutions is one of the most prevalent and prolific challenges for any business looking to upgrade their systems; if you migrate a new system without training your employees, they will lack the knowledge to efficiently run the tools that the cloud offers which will ultimately put your business at risk.

  • Vendor Lock-in:

  • Migrating to the cloud will enhance business practices and boost companies capable of capitalizing on emerging technologies, but sometimes there are restrictions which are commonly referred to as Vendor Lock-in. The secure and virtual nature of the cloud systems enables companies to expand to various geographies without hassles and cut costs (maintenance, resource, refurbishing), however, once you're in with a cloud provider, it might be difficult to switch between platforms as the cost are high.

    Why should you choose Oracle Cloud Applications?

    Apart from staying up to date on the latest technology innovations, Oracle Cloud Applications offer business opportunities that outdated legacy systems can't, including:

  • Lower costs: The most significant advantage of cloud applications is reduced infrastructure costs - Oracle Cloud Applications dramatically reduces cost, especially when it comes to hardware, maintenance and IT.

  • Scalability: With Oracle Cloud Applications, users should not worry about outgrowing their technology. Each application has built-in scalability that supports your long-term business strategies.

  • Agility: Oracle Cloud Applications provide organizations the flexibility to respond effortlessly to changing industry conditions, emerging technologies and customer demands. Oracle makes sure you have the necessary resources to develop apps, increase or decrease server capacity, enable high-intensity computing processes (like in-depth analytics without lag time), and pivot rapidly to seamlessly meet changing market conditions.

  • Top-Notch Security: Oracle Cloud Applications are designed for maximum protection and reduced risk, all thanks to self-repairing systems on Oracle's autonomous database. Your data is secured with Oracle, and that makes it one of the most reliable companies.

  • Reduced Error: With Oracle's automated business processes and unified data access, organizations can significantly reduce errors and improve the performance of your employees. Additionally, it empowers your entire business to run seamlessly and scale up to meet peak compute demands with ease.

  • Conclusion:

    Many successful organizations are relying on Oracle to differentiate themselves from others. Migrating to the cloud can be challenging, however, things go a lot smoother when you foresee the issues. Adopt the cloud-based model for a reason and not just for the sake of adopting a cloud-based model. Cloud offers a lot of benefits only when it is utilized properly.

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