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How to Migrate to Cloud: A Winning Cloud Migration Strategy

DECEMBER 15, 2021 05:23 AM

As far as cloud migration goes, there are a lot of doubts in choosing a cloud service provider such as AWS, Azure, or GCP; with Oracle Cloud as the popular choice, you can migrate confidently as it provides on-demand resources and doesn't require purchasing of a dedicated hardware and software. There are certain fundamentals people should know in the public cloud - for example, third parties will provide the necessary resources and operate the business by sharing the cloud between tenants.

How to Migrate to Cloud

This blog will highlight how to devise a winning cloud migration strategy by suggesting the right set of solutions and outlining the intricacies for adopting cloud models.

Steps to a Winning Cloud Migration Strategy:

  1. Before planning for a migration, it's important to have a deep understanding of the application's current architecture; this will ease the design process and allow it to run in the chosen environment without hassle.
  2. Depending on the frequency of use, map your data using proper data tiers - minimally used data will go in the lower tier while frequently utilized data will go in the higher tiers. There are multiple storage plans offered by providers.
  3. The next step is to identify any performance issues - migrating an application comes with its own challenges, and even though it seems to be in a good position, you may end up spending much more than intended if these issues go undetected.
  4. Plan for a multi-cloud approach - different providers will have various advantages and identifying the right one will benefit you in the long run.
  5. During the pilot phase, check on the user experience to ensure a smooth cloud migration in the production stage.
  6. After all the required changes are done in the cloud, the next step is to monitor the application using a modern monitoring solution to check how your application behaves in different workloads.
  7. Highlight the benefits of cloud migration, like responsiveness and platform scalability of the application, from the business and customer standpoint.

As there's no one-size-fits-all approach, your migration strategy may include all these steps or a select few - it's up to you.

Which Cloud to Choose?

The cloud way of business is the future, and if you want to stay ahead of your competition, taking your business to the cloud model is no longer a choice or luxury. Identify the Cloud provider that helps company's lower operational costs while building modern IT environments with automated development and operations.

Cost-Effective - This pay-as-per-usage model drastically reduces digital infrastructure charges and eliminates the need for maintenance, electricity and other overhead costs. Oracle Cloud Applications dramatically reduce cost, especially when it comes to hardware, maintenance and IT.

Scalability - A sudden surge in requirements does not have to bother business owners as they can simply buy an instance of cloud processing power in a minute to accommodate the requirements; Oracle Cloud application has built-in scalability that supports your long-term business strategies.

Agility - Oracle Cloud Applications empower organizations to develop apps, increase/ decrease server capacity without lag time, and pivot rapidly to seamlessly meet changing market conditions.

Enhanced Security - Cloud migration companies suggest cloud service providers and solutions that follow stringent security protocols with proper access controls to avoid an inch of security issues. Oracle Cloud Applications are designed for maximum protection and reduced risk, all thanks to self-repairing systems on Oracle's autonomous database.

Business Expansion - Due to a centralized data center, businesses with minimal infrastructure can easily expand to other geographies while lowering the cost of operations.

Compliance - Cloud migration companies help businesses choose the right cloud provider and compliance metrics in each geography for a smoother business expansion.

Disaster Recovery - Oracle Cloud service providers offer excellent DRT protocols and backup plans in case any one of your business locations goes through a disaster.

Reduced Error - With Oracle's Cloud automated business processes and unified data access, organizations can significantly reduce errors and run their entire business seamlessly while scaling up to meet peak compute demands without any hassle.

Endnote: Select the right partner for your cloud migration journey

Cloud migration is a difficult journey but choosing the right cloud consulting partner, with the right set of expertise and experience, will help your company by suggesting solutions and explaining the intricacies behind adopting cloud models. If you're looking for a cloud provider with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the migration process, such as cost, tools, compliance, security, governance and cloud-skill requirements, then Oracle Cloud the choice for you.

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