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How Oracle SCM Modules Can Improve Supply Chain Processes

FEBRUARY 16, 2022 12:30 AM

Improve your supply chain processes with Oracle SCM Cloud's modules flexible integration, built-in AI & enhanced productivity

The main purpose of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) process is to satisfy customers' requirements as efficiently as possible, from order initiation to fulfillment. What organizations need today is a helpful Cloud Advisory Service that can help them take control of the supply chain operations through effective planning and implementation knowledge.

From Farm to Fork

Supply Chain Management is an end-to-end business process that involves the flow of a product's entire lifecycle, such as where it originated, how the raw materials were moved and stored, and tracking its inventory to the final product of where it is going to be consumed - "Farm to Fork".

Oracle SCM Cloud Modules

Oracle SCM Cloud Modules:

  1. Supply Chain Planning - The market is growing at a rapid pace combining demand management, sales, operations planning, and supply and distribution planning to achieve better results using machine learning predictions.
  2. Procurement Cloud - From purchase order to settlement, an organization can now deploy the new purchasing practices with sourcing, contracting, procure-to-pay, analytic insights, and easily manage revisions features to help meet the customer changing business needs.
  3. Inventory Management Cloud - Ensure rapid order fulfillment by providing comprehensive materials management, real-time visibility of stocks, costs across your organization, suppliers, and global supply networks too.
  4. Order Management - Meet changing market needs by consolidating orders and invoices from all your channels with different fulfillment options like dropship, back-to-back, and configure-to-order.
  5. Logistics Cloud - Fine-tune warehouse operations and streamline delivery by integrating transportation, warehouse, and global trade management systems in one cloud-based suite. Respond faster to any disruption and resolve issues quickly using intelligent technologies for a seamless trade experience.

Insights and Benefits of Oracle SCM Cloud

Oracle Supply Chain Management offers continuously innovated solutions in complex supply chain activities:

  1. To improve supply chain functions, Oracle SCM Cloud empowers users with a flexible installation by choosing the right components to be installed and modules for integration.
  2. Access data from anywhere at any time by leveraging it through the cloud; you can access the important supply chain data to safely back up critical information.
  3. Cost optimization and enhance productivity throughout the supply chain thereby improving the visibility of customer service metrics.
  4. Equip and incorporate modern technologies like AI, blockchain, and machine learning.
  5. Without onsite support, the daily operational cost will drastically decrease as it supports the digital data exchange.

Oracle reports that migration to SCM Cloud has helped organizations:

  1. Cut transportation costs by 20%
  2. Speed up their order fulfillment by 3x
  3. Achieve a 96% delivery satisfaction rating

Cloud-based Supply Chain Management has several advantages when compared to the manual inventory process. However, there are a few roadblocks that any business may face especially when we talk about migrating it to the Oracle SCM Cloud.

Organizations started to witness enormous growth opportunities in migrating to the Oracle cloud-based SCM solutions with help of Oracle consultants. This ensures organizations have more control over critical applications while decreasing loss and business downtime.

Why SMACT Works

Cloud Advisory Services offered by cloud technology companies often focus on migrating any conventional business to the cloud. SMACT has invested in and developed solutions that have a strategic approach, proprietary tools, transformation framework, and accelerators that will reshape your logistics management by reducing the number of hands managing the goods. With the SMACT team, you can stay ahead of your competitors by improving order fulfillment, order management, decision making, and warehouse activities.

Oracle Cloud technology is frequently updated, so choosing the right Oracle Consulting Service partner right from the start ensures that your organization can leverage the many benefits of the cloud for ever-changing industry demands.

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