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Discover Oracle's Database Management Solutions & Benefits

MARCH 24, 2022 01:30 AM

Today, rapidly growing businesses are having trouble managing their internal IT systems and issues that arise with their daily operation and monitoring in terms of their databases; furthermore, as business requirements become more dynamic, these organizations require a more innovative database management system and infrastructure for data-driven applications to efficiently supplement this growth.

What is a Database Management System?

A database management system (DBMS) software stores and retrieves data so that it can be manipulated by a computer program to deliver information via various methods; thus, a DBMS provides an interface for creating, managing, maintaining, and accessing "data" stored in the form of tables or relations. This system has the capability to handle changes made to its content while allowing multiple users to access the same data on different computers.

Redefining your business's database architecture

Achieving a database architecture that is powerful and scalable is critical to the success of any data-intensive application. Whether your company wants to establish database managed services or develop a cloud migration strategy, redefining your business's database architecture is an enormous undertaking, and choosing which database system will best fit your business depends on multiple factors and priorities.

Prior to making this decision, understanding how your organization will utilize the given data to reach its goals is essential as each database has its unique data. With the robust capabilities of Oracle Database and the help of an Oracle consulting and solutions partner with expertise and sound knowledge of the field, your organization can rest assured that your objectives will be met.

Discover Oracle Database Solutions

Oracle Database - Indomitable leaders for all your data needs

When Oracle Database was initially released in the late '70s, it was the first commercially available SQL-based RDBMS. Today, through Oracle's innovative initiatives, Oracle Database has continued to be an indomitable leader with its united and multi-model database management system that is available on-prem, on-cloud, or as a hybrid cloud model.

Oracle's data management solutions and services help organizations increase the performance and reliability of their database systems while reducing the cost of operation and maintenance. Let's look at the various options available with Oracle Database and the differences between each:

  1. Autonomous Database- Autonomous Database is a new data management service engineered to meet the evolving needs of modern organizations. It delivers enterprise-grade database performance and scalability for mission-critical applications and data, enabling organizations to unlock value from their data and manage risk in complex environments. Autonomous Database is built on Oracle Database, which is the world's most advanced database platform. It provides the scalability, performance, security, and reliability needed to power today's most demanding applications, including big data and analytics, business intelligence, and customer relationship management.
  2. Exadata- Oracle Exadata Database is a fully managed, all-in-one enterprise data management system that is built on a robust and scalable architecture. It provides the performance and capacity to handle many different types of workloads, from high-end transaction processing to moderate-sized data warehouses and analytics.
  3. NoSQL Database- Oracle NoSQL Database is an answer for data challenges that were not possible with relational databases. Oracle NoSQL Database is a fully-managed, schema-free database built for the challenges of modern data. You can use it to store unstructured or semi-structured data such as text, numbers, or binary objects in an efficient way. This gives you the ability to perform a wider range of queries on your data, which is useful in many different scenarios.
  4. MySQL HeatWave- Oracle NoSQL Database is an optional suite of advanced database features designed to help you build highly-scalable, complex applications that require massive amounts of data. With Oracle NoSQL Database, you can build applications that require massive amounts of data by using modern database technologies such as document databases, graph databases, and column-family databases. This gives you the ability to store, manage, and query data in an intuitive and easy-to-use format that is optimized for the type of data your application needs. This allows you to build applications that can handle extremely large datasets and complex queries, which helps increase the performance and reliability of your application.

Desirable Cloud Database Features

Significant Benefits of Oracle's Database Management Solution

The primary purpose of the Oracle database to do all the activities and tasks are done not just to store but also to get back the information in high performance and prevent unauthorized access. Let's review some of the benefits:

  1. Flashback technology - Mainly used for data recovery solutions like if there is any data that has been lost or has been incorrectly deleted. This technology negates human errors and increases the recovery time of the database.
  2. Reliable - Oracle database is all headed towards offering the best performance even when it is loaded with heavy tasks. Oracle database has easily passed the ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) test, which showcases the stored data's integrity.
  3. High-level and integrated - Oracle database rules over the banking industry; it has an impeccable functionality which implies that the Oracle database offers business solutions and powerful technology, a perfect mix for all the organizations.
  4. Backward compatible - Organizations can benefit with minimal cost updates and efficiency as enterprises can upgrade their database system with Oracle database's backward compatibility.
  5. Recovery and backup - With the Oracle database, companies will receive robust online recovery and backup and also have the advantage of the best software that has tolerance to any disk failure.
  6. Database support - Oracle database can handle many databases for a single transaction, and it is done with a two-phase commit protocol. The location of the data can be optimized timely since it is stocked from node to node.

Oracle Database Managed Services

Below mentioned are some of the database management services that are offered to businesses based on the Oracle platform through a seasoned Oracle consultant who can help companies to optimize their database systems:

  1. Health Checks and Assessments
    Discovery and Analysis, Benefits and Risks Assessments, Best Practices, Recommendations, and Remediations.

  2. Database Administration
    Performance Tuning and Optimization, Implementations, Database Upgrades, Patch Management, and Security Checks.

  3. Cloud Database Services
    Design development, Migration plan, Deployment, Optimization, and Cloud-Hosted database Management.

  4. Remote DBA Services
    24x7 Support and Monitoring, Proactive & Daily Maintenance, On-Demand Patching, Upgrades, Backup & Recovery, and more.

  5. Migration Services
    On-Premises Databases to Cloud, Platform Migration, Data Replications, Zero Downtime, and Fast & Easy Deployments.

  6. Engineered Systems
    Exadata Database, Exalogic Elastic Cloud Management and Deployment, and Database and Big Data.

The Right Partner - Conclusion

There are several Oracle products and solutions; any business can succeed only if it has the right partner for implementing and guiding them in incorporating Oracle Database Management Services. Get your database application dynamic and data-driven with proficient architecting and designing of the database application with SMACT Works.

SMACT Works is a technology-focused systems integrator and IT/ERP consulting firm. We deliver end-to-end consulting, managed, and implementation services for Oracle Cloud Applications, IaaS & PaaS, On-Premise PeopleSoft & EBS Applications. Headquartered in Dublin, OH, we have a global presence with North America and Asia offices. We are an Oracle Gold Partner Cloud Standard, ISO 9001, and 27001 certified delivery organization serving customers with Excellence and Integrity.