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Oracle E-Business Suite- Benefits of a Current State Assessment

MARCH 07, 2022 01:30 AM

Oracle E-Business Suite

System environments built on old-generation technology platforms require upgrades to function in the new-generation technology platform as they are approaching the end of their manufacturer maintenance period. When Oracle announced that the premier support for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) 12.1 was scheduled to end in December 2021, companies questioned the endurance of EBS functionalities support and were apprehensive about upgrading to version 12.2 until the announcement made by Oracle - the great news is that Oracle has released its "Continuous Innovation" model for EBS 12.2, and made it clear in the statement that they have committed to support their EBS customers with superior support at no additional expense until the next release of EBS through 2033. While extension for on-premise support is beneficial for companies currently running on EBS 12.2, there is still the question of whether or not to continue investing in hardware and upgrades to keep up with growing business demands.


Several companies worldwide have been successfully using the latest version of Oracle EBS 12.2.11 with Oracle Support policies access with the latest security, improved user interface, new features, and compliances. However, suppose your company faces any hurdles keeping up with EBS upgrades and compliance but is not in the position to move to the cloud. In that case, you may need some insightful technology advisory to help develop a strategy and future roadmap.

This blog will help you decipher if you should upgrade/invest in current on-premises technology.

Benefits of a Current State Assessment -

Most companies start with a critical assessment which includes the initial evaluation of existing CEMLIs (Configurations/Customization, Extension, Modification, Localization and Internationalization, and Integration) and the new capabilities and enhancements to current features provided in the latest release.

Oracle E-Business Suite Benefits

The Final Assessment Outcome: Upgrade is required, OR Upgrade is not required

  1. The latest version of the Oracle E-Business Suite product has expanded significantly in terms of its usability, scalability, and functionality, along with cost optimization over the past few releases providing new values and advantages to your business.

    1. Infrastructure Health Check - To check the advantage and readiness of moving to Cloud IaaS
    2. Application Assessments like licensing, patch level, etc.
    3. Database Assessment by evaluating both versions in terms of security, patching, and best practices followed

  2. Upgrading Infrastructure: Sizing estimation will help you to assess the impact on your server infrastructure of upgrading your Oracle E-Business Suite application software

    1. Impact Assessment - To check the changes of using R12.2
    2. Opportunities Assessment - To understand the benefits of new features
    3. Process Analysis - Identify the GAP and MAP it to re-engineering the system around new features

  3. Regulatory Compliance Change Management: In an increasingly rigorous regulatory compliance environment organization can maintain compliance through 2032 at a lower cost and deploy standard processes across your organization.

  4. No Downtime: Patches can be applied while your system is still running and fully operational, while your users are still online and can stay online during the patching operation. So, the downtime has been dramatically reduced using online patching.

  5. Enhancements & Security:

    1. New enhanced dashboards with Business Intelligence information-driven navigation by each job function will add value to the business.
    2. Cyberthreat activity has increased to unprecedented levels, and intrusions into networks can be avoided by upgrading to the latest version of EBS 12.2

  6. Advantage of using Oracle EBS on the Oracle Cloud:

    1. Allows companies to opt for the capacity increase required for the projects
    2. Do not worry about purchasing new servers, looking for data center space, and additional labor for system administration.
    3. Oracle supports both test and production environments of Oracle EBS in Oracle Cloud. So, businesses do not need to wait for major upgrades as it is completely taken care of by Oracle.

Finally, as per the Oracle E-Business Suite roadmap published by Oracle, it reassures those businesses that run their critical operations on EBS will continue to be supported and enhanced for years to come leveraging their investment in EBS.

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