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Explore the Latest Innovations in Oracle HCM Cloud

AUGUST 01, 2022 04:00 AM

Oracle HCM Cloud- Latest Innovation and Benefits

The companies of today are thinking ahead to engage their employees and deliver experiences that create value for the organization. In today's business environment, HR organizations need a new strategy to support employees in the workplace and to have the flexibility to respond to ever-changing workforce needs.

With this regard, the majority of companies are heading towards Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud technology as their workforces become more dynamic and social.

What's new in Oracle HCM Cloud and why are customers adopting it?

Oracle always focuses on product innovation and releases new updates every quarter with enhanced features to enable users to work efficiently and effectively. Here are a few new features that are grabbing customers' attention:

  1. Newsfeed-style homepage display
  2. Personalized dashboards
  3. Autonomous workflows
  4. Easy-to-use user interfaces
  5. Harmonious integrations & configurations
  6. Security & privacy focused database

The key to successfully utilizing an intelligent application is being fully aware of its capabilities to reap the benefits it provides. With Oracle HCM Cloud's most recent features, organizations can now design modern employee-centered solutions within a single platform by leveraging seamless artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and more to deliver optimal results.

  1. 62% Improvement in reporting productivity
  2. 29% Reduction in legacy system costs
  3. 11% Improved workforce efficiency

Oracle Cloud HCM - A complete HCM solution in the cloud

Ready to learn more about the newly released/updated modules in Oracle HCM Cloud that are specifically designed to drive your workforce productivity? Let's review below:

  1. Oracle Digital Assistant - To review and complete HR tasks quickly
  2. Oracle Journeys - To deliver personalized guidance for professional and personal workflows
  3. Oracle Dynamic Skills - To access personalized skill recommendations
  4. Oracle HCM Communicate - To leverage email templates to guide and support employees
  5. Oracle Touchpoints - To strengthen the employee-manager relationship
  6. Oracle HCM Analytics - To analyze key workforce metrics to improve decision-making and communications
  7. Oracle Strategic Workforce Planning - To plan your workforce needs by analyzing trends and forecasts
  8. Oracle Recruiting - To recruit smarter using AI for the best candidate matching
  9. Oracle Human Resources - To quickly complete complex tasks with self-driving HR services
  10. Oracle HR Help Desk - To resolve inquiries faster with an AI-enabled knowledgebase
  11. Oracle Compensation - To model, budget, and allocate compensation fairly
  12. Oracle Benefits - To easily enroll in benefits and know the cost of your benefits
  13. Oracle Performance Management - To check in with your employees to provide continuous performance management
  14. Oracle Opportunity Marketplace - To provide compelling career mobility and learning opportunities
  15. Oracle Career Development - To advance your career with AI-enabled job recommendations
  16. Oracle Learning - To effortlessly manage your learning based on AI-enabled recommendations
  17. Oracle Succession Planning - To review high-potential talent for future successions
  18. Oracle Work Life - To find a mentor through targeted recommendations
  19. Oracle Health and Safety - To promote a culture of health and safety
  20. Oracle Time and Labor, and Absence Management - To easily log time and request absences from your mobile device
  21. Oracle Payroll - To view your pay slips and pay details on your phone
  22. Oracle Experience Design Studio - To personalize the employee experience with no coding required
  23. Oracle Advanced HCM Controls - To keep data safe and easily provide access controls

As you can see, Oracle's continuously innovated cloud solution simplifies HR processes by guiding employees through analytic-based tasks that allow them to develop the necessary skills/knowledge needed to answer any complex question that may arise - learn more here.


Many companies are heading towards Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud because it offers a lot of benefits, however, these cannot be achieved with technology alone.

If you too want the best cloud solutions for your business, it's time to team up with an Oracle solutions partner. Whether you've already implemented Oracle cloud and are looking for database managed services, or you need assistance developing your cloud migration strategy, an Oracle cloud advisory and consulting services provider can help. When you hire cloud experts, they can assess your company's needs in a detailed way and create efficiencies across the organization.

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