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Benefits of Running Peoplesoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

OCTOBER 15, 2022 01:30 AM

Benefits of Running Peoplesoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Technology has forever changed, and businesses looking to grow exponentially in this dynamic world of business requirements need to shed these on-prem burdens off them to make their businesses lighter. Therefore, moving Peoplesoft to a cloud-based business model, especially powered by Oracle, a leader in this space, is highly beneficial for companies to perform exceptionally in its domain.

Migrating business infrastructure to Oracle Cloud accelerates workflows within a business by eliminating conventional business models; this enables companies to act agilely, making Oracle the preferred platform to run their PeopleSoft Applications. PeopleSoft Cloud Manager is a cloud application from the Oracle Marketplace designed to help migrate and administer Oracle PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Through automation, you can now lift and shift the PeopleSoft environments from on-premises to OCI.

Usually, the cloud vendor follows the below six-step method for migrating all PeopleSoft versions to the Cloud:

1. Rehost

2. Replatform

3. Repurchase

4. Refactor

5. Retire

6. Retain

Benefits of Hosting PeopleSoft in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The benefits of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are proven as it improves performance, reduces costs, and automates lifecycle management.

1. IaaS solution - An IaaS solution causes minimal disruption because there is no need for physical data center security that most data centers would struggle to match. Customizations of third-party applications can go with you with minimal effort without the expense of on-premise infrastructure.

2. Business Operations - In your day-to-day business operations, you can reduce complexity and effectively execute tasks like tracking inventory, managing finances, managing human resources, and managing payments to vendors by OCI. Just focus on running your HR or Financials function as required rest will be taken care of by OCI.

3. Continuous Deployment - Improve business continuity by deploying pre-built PeopleSoft applications from Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Having the advantage of a scheduled and agile workforce schedule, you can ensure your company's daily productivity and instead focus on core business activities.

4. Seamless monitoring - Start monitoring services and servers with the help of Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service and Oracle Management Cloud.

5. Backup and restore - Managing backups are now under your control-the frequency of backups and restorations without worrying about space availability with database cloud service.

6. Upgrading/patching - Oracle handles the latest versions and patches, so clients can easily create a basic plan to upgrade to the latest version with lesser downtime and no impact on the business.

7. Is OCI secure? - Security in OCI is a priority; automated encryption of DBs, backups, and disaster recovery plans provide critical security to your IT environment.

8. Lower total cost of ownership - Apart from the above benefits hosting PeopleSoft in the OCI will optimize the cost compared to on-premises and retain the ability to customize PeopleSoft solutions to meet essential business requirements.

Deploying and maintaining PeopleSoft servers in the Cloud effectively take care of and manage human resources (HRMS), client relationships (CRM), financial and supply lines (FSCM), and firm growth (FSCM) and will provide more excellent value, lower costs, and improve overall business performance throughout the company.
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