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Oracle E-Business Suite Database Upgrade and Support Services

NOVEMBER 15, 2022 12:30 AM

Oracle E-Business Suite Database Upgrade and Support Services

Oracle has recently upgraded their database management system to the 12.2.12 release, and with this release comes a new wave of technical issues that stem from updating user software. While the upgrade is a good thing- no company really goes into creating new software with the intention of creating more issues than it solves- integrating or updating a new software is an arduous and time-consuming task. Switching from an on-premises storage system to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) especially can often be fraught with its own set of unique challenges, even for a professional.

Most companies operate without an Oracle specific database administrator, making the issues that come with this new upgrade costly and time consuming. Those who do have an Oracle trained professional often spend too much money on full time employees than they're worth. However, you can save both time and money in preparation for and after the Oracle upgrade using an Oracle DBA remote support technician to help with your Oracle Managed Services. This technician operates on an as needed basis for your company to get the most out of the service provided.

Key Features of the Oracle R12.2.12

Of course, the goal of any upgrade is to make the new iteration better and more functional than the last. Key features of the Oracle Cloud 12.2.12 release include:

- Enhanced functionality across the E-Business Suite

- EBS Enterprise Command Centre Updates (ECC)

- E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

- Better user experience with the latest GUI

- Reduced downtime with online patching

- Introduction of the WebLogic server

These features allow for a smoother transition from customers on premises EBS environments to OCI, and better functionality within the Oracle ERP system. Upgrading can often be a difficult task, but there are many reasons why you should upgrade your Oracle Cloud System to Oracle R12.2.12.

For instance, the EBS database upgrade comes with many advantages, including a streamlined installation process, online patching that keeps your system running and fully functioning, an improved and more intuitive user experience, and enhanced access to security measures. In addition, upgrading is beneficial because unsupported versions of EBS no longer receive security updates, making them vulnerable to attack.

Managing Issues with Integrating Oracle Release 12.2

Glitches are inevitable with any new upgrade, but having a specialized, niche consulting partner will save you time and money with Oracle database managed services. Oracle consultants are available to help with any technical glitches that come with the release. Here are a few ways in which SMACT Works can help with Oracle Implementation and streamline the upgrade process to help you save:

1. Contracted resources can be dispatched for the duration of the project. This additional staff would enable clients to switch from spending money on full time employees who don't get the job done, to Oracle consulting services. Contracting the work out to a specialized Oracle consultant eliminates the need for costly permanent staff. For example, a recent SMACT Works customer needed help switching from Oracle 12.1.3 to Oracle 12.2.10. SMACT Works supplemented their staff with one of our own and was able to complete the project within three months.

2. The second option is, in fact, permanent staffing. A strategically placed consultant would replace a current full-time employee as a valuable Oracle Cloud resource while maintaining the rapid completion time for the upgrade.

3. The final option is to have a group of Oracle professionals who provide 24/7 services for the entirety of the Oracle E-Business Suite application. This service level agreement is provided with a monthly fee, and creates a partnership between Oracle advisory services and you.

Find EBS Database Support

As the technological industry expands, it's becoming easier and easier to find EBS database support, but the trick is finding the one that provides the right service provider that keeps your database in the best shape. SMACT Works Oracle Cloud management service provides high quality professional help to companies looking to succeed now, and in the future. Our professionals help optimize your technology to work with you, plan with you to ensure successful project completion, provide certified technology consultations, and place quality candidates within your company without hassle.

It's inefficient to hire full time staff for a part time project. In many instances, it can be a waste of time and money to keep on an OCI Database Manager on staff. Oftentimes, it can make the project take longer than necessary. The goal of our Management Services is to make the transitional project easier for you by implementing strategic staff members who get the job done right.

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