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PeopleTools 8.60 Release - Newest Features and Benefits

JUNE 18, 2023 09:42 PM

PeopleTools 8.60 Release - Newest Features and Benefits

Oracle PeopleSoft's newest update, PeopleTools 8.60, was released late in 2022. While Oracle will support the 8.59 version for a while still, this new update comes with features that our Oracle advisory service highly recommend. Ignoring this new PeopleSoft upgrade for too long could be detrimental to your business goals, as continuing on an outdated Oracle ERP system effects many areas of management.

Below you'll find an overview of the newest features that PeopleSoft Services provide and some of the benefits of upgrading to this new software.

New Features for PeopleTools 8.60 Release

User Interface Enhancements Include:

- Redwood Color Scheme Refresh

- User Interface Layout Changes

- Quick Access Bar

- Global Search

- Configurable Search

- User Personalization

These changes represent Oracle's next generation design system. The Redwood color scheme is incorporated throughout the upgrade. PeopleSoft managed services design and access enable the user to customize and personalize the system's look and feel. Access to and search of the PeopleSoft managed services are quick and efficient.

Search Framework Enhancements Include:

- Data Range Partitions for Search Indexing

- Real Time Indexing Switch

Users can adjust partition date ranges prior to running the index build processes. This can help reflect actual data distribution. The search index build process creates a unique run control ID for each partition, enabling individualized searches. Real Time Indexing was originally released with PeopleSoft 8.59. This feature ensures that updates to data are indexed in real time.

Notifications Enhancements Include:

- Images or Attachments in Outbound Text Messages

- Mark Complete Notifications Actions

This portion of the PeopleSoft 8.60 Release allow for improved communication between employees. Images in outbound text messages appear as a link and includes an authentication process for users to prove access rights. Mark Complete Notifications Actions displays tasks as completed on the View All Notifications Page. This makes it east for each user to see how tasks are progressing.

Lifecycle Management Enhancements Include:

- Simplifying Usage Monitor Setup and Usage Data Collection

- Improving PAU Job Scheduler

- Administer Metadata Options

- PTF Recorder with Chrome and Microsoft Edge

The Lifecyle Management Enhancements help collect and store data for analysis. The Usage Data Collection makes it easier to track usage for PeopleSoft managed services. PeopleSoft PUM makes it easy to create and apply a change package from the PUM update manager.

Integration Enhancements Include:

- Application Services Framework and REST Enhancements

- Data Distribution Framework

The Application Service Framework and REST Enhancement updates work to simplify integration with third party systems. For the Data Distribution Framework, a one-time configuration is done on the common configuration page, but after the details of the job are captured and the model is deployed the job is automated and can be scheduled to run on occasion on the Data Science Setup page.

Security and Privacy Enhancements Include:

- Expanded Password Length

- Improved Access Logging

- User Expiration Date

- Improve Certificate Management

- Data Masking Support for Analytics

Security is important to every user, and PeopleSoft 8.60 took this in to account. The new login is enabled with a longer password, which directly effects the strength of the password. Password lengths can now be up to 64 characters long. Along with this, access for supervisors is granted with more direct application to employee status. Security is one more reason to consider Oracle Implementation. Now more data is given for administrators to track different information, such as sign on types, reasons for sign out, and usage during sign in. It also has features that cancel a user's ability to log in after future termination.

Additional Key Features Include:

- Component Interface Improvements

- Image Catalog

- Extended Virus Scanning for Attachments

These improved features deal mainly with usability and security. Most notable is the ability to scan images for viruses on the application server instead of only the web server. This is helpful when transitioning attachments to a PeopleSoft repository. Each new PeopleSoft upgrade has been made with the user in mind. It's been made to be simpler and more intuitive in its application, and to communicate with ease between employee and software. To get the most out of an Oracle Database Managed Service such as PeopleSoft, it's important to have a partner that can help you effectively complete an Oracle ERP Cloud Implementation. SMACT Works Cloud Advisory services can help ease the transition between PeopleSoft 8.59 and PeopleSoft 8.60 with Oracle DBA Remote Support. PeopleTools 9.60 is packed awesome new features. Don't wait to get them for your business.
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