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Step-Up your Cloud Journey with Cloud Advisory Services

JANUARY 30, 2022 01:01 AM

Moving from on-premises to cloud is a difficult journey- there are numerous options available in the market and evaluating which cloud solution is best for your application can be an overwhelming process.

Today, success for any organization is based on its ability to adapt to the ever-changing markets. It is important for businesses to be able to identify opportunities and adapt quickly to changes. As a result, digitization is becoming increasingly important for any organization that hopes to survive and even make an impact in this highly competitive landscape.

Are you ready to make the move?

This blog shows you what your organization really needs by comparing it to other available public cloud offerings and will recommend a solution that focuses on performance, availability, manageability, and cost to achieve the full benefits of cloud hosting by utilizing the Cloud Advisory Services.

Migrating to the cloud comes with a multitude of benefits; however, many organizations are unable to fully experience them because they didn't realize the complexity of cloud migration.

Step-Up your Cloud Advisory Journey with the right approach, foundation, modernization, migration, optimization & management
Step-up your cloud journey with Cloud Advisory Services for your digital foundation:

So, you are thinking about moving to a cloud but don't have the resources to guide you on where to start, right? The first step is finding the right Cloud Advisory Partner who works closely with their clients to fully understand their complete business environment and assess their current state of applications and infrastructure. Once the current state of infrastructure is identified, the cloud partner can recommend the most efficient and optimal to-be cloud management platform that meets your organization's needs.

Furthermore, it forces companies to face unique challenges such as depending on external vendors and uncertainties beyond budget and resources. A structured approach utilizing proven tools will result in a smooth migration of critical applications, along with the underlying IT cloud infrastructure, while having complete control.

The good news is that the cloud has the potential to revolutionize businesses with the proper guidance. Organizations new to the cloud will have questions, such as:

  1. When should we start?
  2. How do we identify the right cloud advisory?
  3. Should I have remaining on-premises resources for a hybrid approach?
  4. How to measure the cost savings and efficiency in the cloud?
  5. Is it mandatory to have cloud team governance?
Jumpstart your Cloud Journey with a Structured Cloud Migration Strategy

Get expert help

Ensure you have expert help from the start - hiring a specialist will be crucial for your project's lifecycle. You will gain access to years of experience and receive professional guidance to ensure you make the right solution selection that meets your companies needs while remaining compliant with industry standards.

Understand where you are

This means assessing your current processes. A comprehensive audit will help you identify opportunities and determine what solutions would be beneficial to implement.

Determine your needs

It is essential to consider investing in customized solutions that meet specific current and future needs- if your business demands grow, can your organization upgrade to meet the new demands?

Get the team onboard

Create a multidisciplinary team within your organization to ensure a successful implementation and timely adaption to the new solutions so the people behind the processes will be involved before the migration.

Consider technical support

Most organizations focus their cloud migration strategy on implementation alone and forget about what happens after deployment. Define the right governance and technical support team, during and after migration, to ensure data security; sufficient technical support will help you prioritize and optimize your time-to-market goals.

Do you have an effective cloud migration strategy? Consider the tips above prior to developing your strategy for a smooth transition.

Final Thoughts

If you want help with your cloud migration, choose the right Cloud Managed Service Provider who is experienced in the rapid implementation of cloud-based services. A qualified and experienced partner will guide you through the process so that you can reap the benefits outlined above.

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