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Why You Should Opt for Oracle Database Managed Services

Why You Should Opt for Oracle Database Managed Services

Data has become central to ensuring businesses maintain a competitive edge, but unfortunately, many companies don't exploit their data in an adequate representation. In this blog, let's...

MAY 01, 2022

Discover Oracle Database Solutions

Discover Oracle's Database Management Solutions & Benefits

Companies that are growing rapidly need an exceptional database archit...

MARCH 24, 2022

Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite- Benefits of a Current State Assessment

System environments built on old-generation technology platforms requi...

MARCH 07, 2022

Partner with SMACT

Oracle Managed Services Provider - Maximize your Investment

Have you recently implemented an Oracle Cloud Applications or migrated...

FEBRUARY 28, 2022

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Improve your supply chain processes with Oracle SCM Cloud

How Oracle SCM Modules Can Improve Supply Chain Processes

The main purpose of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) process is to sa...

FEBRUARY 16, 2022 Read More

Step-Up your Cloud Advisory Journey with the right approach, foundation, modernization, migration, optimization & management

Step-Up your Cloud Journey with Cloud Advisory Services

Moving from on-premises to cloud is a difficult journey- there are num...

JANUARY 30, 2022 Read More

A Guided Journey with Oracle Consulting: Key deliverables commonly included when moving Oracle Applications to the Cloud

Preparing to Adopt ERP Cloud - A Step by Step Cloud Migration Checklist

In the past, migrating to the cloud was reserved for larger companies...

JANUARY 15, 2022 Read More

Aligning Global Business with Oracle EPM Cloud: No hardware investments, fully customizable, seamless monthly patching & more

Aligning Global Business with Oracle EPM Cloud

The world is currently facing global uncertainty due to COVID-19 chall...

DECEMBER 30, 2021 Read More

How to Migrate to Cloud

How to Migrate to Cloud: A Winning Cloud Migration Strategy

As far as cloud migration goes, there are a lot of doubts in choosing...

DECEMBER 15, 2021 Read More

Phased Strategy for Application Migration: Assessment, Proof of Concept, Data Migration, Application Migration & Optimization

How to Kick Off Application Migration to the Cloud & Choose the Right Path

Cloud migration is the process of moving a company's data into the clo...

NOVEMBER 29, 2021 Read More

Questions for navigating uncertainty: When should I change? Where is my cash working? How will pivoting impact my business?

The CFO Checklist: Navigate Your Business & Seize New Opportunities

The office of the CFO is increasingly essential to any organization -...

NOVEMBER 15, 2021 Read More

Cloud Migration Challenges You May Run Into

Cloud Migration Challenges You May Run Into

Moving towards cloud is a well-established option for businesses and i...

OCTOBER 29, 2021 Read More

Oracle Cloud Move - Successfully Migrate Your Data to the Oracle Cloud

Move to Oracle Cloud - Successfully Migrate Your Data to the Oracle Cloud

Organizations are putting their best foot forward in converting their...

OCTOBER 21, 2021 Read More

Choosing the Right Cloud Migration Services Team

Choosing the Right Cloud Migration Services Team

A lot of organizations are putting their best foot forward in converti...

SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 Read More

Roadmap for Migrating ERP to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Roadmap for Migrating ERP to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Once you have decided to embark on the cloud migration journey, it's i...

SEPTEMBER 27, 2021 Read More

Oracle ERP Cloud Migration Approaches: Rehost, Replatform, Repurchase, Refactor, Retire, Retain

Planning an Oracle ERP Cloud Migration for Your Organization

As the market grows and there is digital innovation and transformation...

AUGUST 23, 2021 Read More

AI and ML Adoption in HCM Products: Predictive Analytics, Chatbots/Virtual Assistant, Recruiting, Talent Management

Why & How you Should Transition to Oracle HCM Cloud

Success for any organization today is dependent on their ability to ad...

JULY 01, 2021 Read More

5 Key Changes in Financial Digital Transformation: AI, Digital Currencies, Digital Banking, FinTech, Disruptive Innovation

The Value and Impact of Digital Transformation in Finance Teams

Digital transformation technology in the finance industry has become p...

JUNE 01, 2021 Read More

Leverage Scenario Planning: Monte Carlo Simulation, Narrative Reporting, Cash Management, Profitability & Cost Management

The CFO's Scenario Planning - Make Proactive Decisions in Times of Uncertai

How can stakeholders in an organization plan their company's financial...

MAY 01, 2021 Read More

EPM Financial CloudConsolidation & Close - Best Practices: Process & Workflow, Integration & User Experience

How to maximize the value of your Financial Close Management?

Need for an Easier, Faster, Efficient Financial CloseFinancial close i...

APRIL 07, 2021 Read More

Reasons to Adopt Oracle ERP Cloud: Accessibility, Data Enhancement, Integration, Cuts in Expenditure & User-friendly

Why is it Important to Modernize Your ERP?

Business around the world is changing and organizations need to adapt...

MARCH 01, 2021 Read More

Oracle HCM Cloud Capabilities: Global HR Cloud, Talent Management, Workforce Rewards & Management Cloud & Worklife Solutions

What is the Future of Oracle Human Capital Management?

As technology evolves, most organizations are looking for specific tal...

FEBRUARY 01, 2021 Read More

Oracle Service Cloud

Oracle Service Cloud - One Product Serves Multiple Industries for Multiple

It is a cloud-based omni-channel solution, part of Oracle Customer Exp...

JANUARY 01, 2021 Read More

Oracle Policy Automation Capabilities: Language Rules, Consistent Decisions, API Connector, Instant Audit & Policy Changes

Deploying Policy Models Using Oracle Policy Automation

Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) Cloud Service is preferred by many fina...

DECEMBER 01, 2020 Read More

Oracle Eloqua Benefits: Campaigns, Segmentation, Asset Management, Sales & Marketing Alignment, Measure Marketing & Platform

Oracle Eloqua - Industry Leader in Marketing Cloud Service

Customers today expect relevant, personalized content at the right tim...

NOVEMBER 01, 2020 Read More

Oracle CX Sales Advanced Capabilities: Forecasting, Chatbot, Planning, Data Management, Dynamic Dashboards, Integrations

Improve Sales, Service Insights & Actions Using Oracle Customer Experience

Oracle Customer Experience (CX) sales tool's pre-integrated data, inte...

SEPTEMBER 01, 2020 Read More

Considerations for Moving to the Cloud: Scalability, Cost Efficiencies, Faster Disaster Recovery, Adoption Speed, Agility,

Pandemic Likely to Accelerate Cloud Adoption

The events that happened in 2020 have created new opportunities, while...

JULY 01, 2020 Read More

Benefits Breakdown of Oracle Configure, Price & Quote: User-friendly intefaces, relevant & timely pricing, dynamic workflows

Assisting Sales with Oracle Configure Price Quote

This blog furnishes an overview of how Oracle Configure Price Quote (C...

MAY 01, 2020 Read More

How to Evaluate Oracle Cloud Applications Implementation Partner

How to Evaluate an Oracle Cloud Applications Implementation Partner

As time and market demands are changing at a rapid rate, the approach...

APRIL 01, 2020 Read More

Benefits of Oracle Analytics Cloud: Data Preparation, Flow, Discovery, Visualization, Collaboration, Data-driven

Get the Complete Benefits from Oracle Analytics Cloud

Today, analysis is done in every organization by storing data in sprea...

MARCH 01, 2020 Read More

Oracle Cloud HCM

Why should your company opt for Oracle Cloud HCM?

Human resource is a very important function of any business. It deals...

JANUARY 01, 2020 Read More

5 Benefits of PaaS: Reduction in Operation Cost, Effective Stability, Platform Maintenance, Flexibility, Future Readiness

5 Major benefits of Platform as a Service (PaaS)

There are a lot of companies that are transferring their company's har...

OCTOBER 01, 2019 Read More

Benefits of IaaS

5 Major benefits of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

In the recent years, more and more businesses have been adopting cloud...

JULY 01, 2019 Read More

6 Steps to Migrating your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Identify, Analyze, Evaluate, Plan, Finalize & Train

6 Major Steps for Migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Any major IT platform migration requires a detailed planning, budgetin...

APRIL 01, 2019 Read More

Reasons why companies are using Cloud Computing

3 Main Reasons Why Companies are using Cloud Computing

Until few years back , computer users all over the world would run sof...

JANUARY 01, 2019 Read More

Moving your PeopleSoft Applications to the Cloud

Moving your PeopleSoft Applications to the Cloud

Cloud computing has received a widespread fame and acceptance from the...

OCTOBER 01, 2018 Read More

Benefits of Oracle Cloud Applications: Cutting Edge, Innovative & Intelligent, Security, Stability, High Configurability

6 Reasons Why You Need to Choose Oracle Cloud Applications

When it comes to considering mature and innovative technologies, Oracl...

JULY 01, 2018 Read More

How to Effectively Plan for an Oracle Cloud Applications Implementation

Effectively Plan Oracle Cloud Applications Implementation

Are you planning on implementing a new ERP or HCM system for your orga...

APRIL 01, 2018 Read More

Reasons why businesses adopting Oracle Cloud

Top 5 Reasons why businesses adopting Oracle Cloud

As the years go by, more and more organizations are moving towards the...

JANUARY 01, 2018 Read More

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